Data Scientist

We are looking for a Data Scientist to drive and built innovative data science solutions for RoZetta’s diverse range of clients. You’ll be an integral part of the team and engage with clients across a range of project. You  are great at cultivating relationships both internally and externally to implement impactful solutions to real world…

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How an Enterprise centric approach to data drives productivity

Enterprise Centric Article

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. Background In complex markets, managing data is increasingly a differentiator in growing and maintaining revenues and profit margins.  Particularly where third-party data is critical in identifying opportunities and threats to the price of any asset or the frequency of its purchase. In capital markets, detecting…

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“The key to decision agility in volatile times is built on enterprise data management” – Industry leader, Dale Richards

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. Interview with Dale Richards, Advisory Board Member by David Myton Introduction David Myton, a respected journalist, author, and editor, continues exploring what it takes to survive and grow in an increasingly volatile environment in capital markets. This interview takes a strategic view of the market…

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Optimising the total cost of ownerships of market data, a grassroots perspective

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. Introduction Welcome to the first of a series of discussions conducted by David Myton with a range of data experts within capital markets. Capital markets are a data-intensive sector, and success correlates directly with the breadth and depth of data used in specific decision-making processes…

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How to keep your data lake “match fit”

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. Problem statement An Australian energy resources company engaged RoZetta to lead a review and redevelopment of its data lake. The data lake has grown exponentially over recent years with the introduction of new data sources and an increasing emphasis on using data scientists to provide insights…

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RoZetta joins big tech at top NLP global conference in Ireland

Article Header - Jacob Interview ACL [6.5x3.5]

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. The auditorium was packed with international Big Tech experts – representing business, industry and research. Jacob Parnell, the 26-year-old postgrad from the northwest suburbs of Sydney was revealing new insights relevant to the esoteric world of Natural Language Processing (NLP) – the core of his…

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Multi-document summarization: how to extract full value from your ‘hidden’ data

MDS How to Extract Value From Your ‘Hidden’ Data- Article Index Header

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. Continuous research and development underpin all of RoZetta Technology’s operations. From postgraduate trainees to leading scientists, they are actively involved in pushing the boundaries of data science and technological excellence – to the ultimate benefit of its customers and partners. One highly significant area of…

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