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Monetize your valuable data assets to drive market growth and increase revenue. Customers can easily discover, access, checkout and connect the data they want to their preferred environment.

DataHex Data Shop provides everything you need to launch your data marketplace

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Data owners are adapting their business models to drive a greater share of the revenue from licensing their data assets for a broad range of use cases, often in new market segments.

To meet the growing demand to commercialize enhanced financial and non-financial data, data owners need a direct-to-customer e-commerce solution.

The DataHex Data Shop platform is designed to increase revenue through enhanced customer experience whilst accelerating the speed to market of new data products and optimizing the cost of managing the data to license.

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Seamless customer experience

data shop workflow steps


Easily discover with powerful intelligent search and filters.


Custom select exactly what you need and preview before access.

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Easily discover with powerful intelligent search and filters.


Schedule automated extracts to a preferred destination.

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Deliver more with your data

The DataHex Data Shop platform is a direct-to-customer eCommerce solution that supports your organization’s data monetization strategy.

  • Grow
  • New Channels to Market
  • Lower Cost to serve
  • Access new
  • Reduce Sales friction
  • BrandDevelopment

DataHex Data Shop delivers an intuitive customer experience for your customers

Delivering the data on-demand in your customers’ preferred format and to their preferred technology platform minimizes their data wrangling and the cost of data ownership. Key features include:

  • Quickly discover the data products with powerful intelligent search and filters
  • Custom select capability to access exactly the data required
  • Ability to evaluate data products with the preview and sample data features
  • Save time and effort with access to the symbology security master

  • Remove any friction to purchase with flexible delivery to preferred environments and formats
  • Options to extract data from DataHex shop UI or via API
  • Schedule automated extracts to a preferred destination
  • Digital check out process from license agreement to payment options

DataHex Data Shop ecosystem



Quickly curate and load all your existing and new data products in Data Shop.

Ingest, curate and manage all data. Your data, alternate data and other sources in structured and unstructured formats can be easily onboarded to license.



Align with your cloud, on-prem, at-the-edge or hybrid data lake storage strategy.

Import from on-prem or cloud storage into DataHex Data Library and deliver to on-prem, cloud, hybrid, or both. The platform will scale with your evolving business requirements.



Intuitive CX allows your customers to find the data they need with fewer clicks.

Powerful semantic search capability that returns highly relevant datasets. Apply filters and custom selection criteria to further tune the results and find precisely the right dataset required for analysis.

License and checkout


Supports various licensing models and payment options.

From electronic signatures on Terms & Conditions to involved licensing steps, the platform is configurable to support various transaction sizes with flexible payment options.



Data assets can be sent to your customers’ preferred environment.

Data products or atomized datasets can be sent into your customers’ preferred application environment through an intuitive user interface or via a RESTful API suite. 



The right level of licensing steps relative to the transaction size. 

Increase sales by reducing friction with the right level of licensing steps while reducing handling and management costs of smaller transactions by automating workflow.



Gain data usage and customer insights across all levels (application, user, department and company).

Upsell and cross-sell your data products and explore opportunities to improve user experience.

Key capabilities 

Effortlessly configure, maintain and optimize your eCommerce store with Data Shop. Our single platform solution makes it easy to organize your data, manage data products, license and deliver the data anywhere, anytime.

Empowering market data consumers and vendors

Here are some of our work in the Capital Markets. DataHex ingests, stores, enhances, transforms and delivers data efficiently, so your team can focus on what truly matters.

Streamlining access to ICE market data in the cloud

Global financial markets historical data platform

Cloud migration and new product in historical data offering

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