Using data insights to empower better decision making


RoZetta Technology enables complex problem solving by providing advanced analytical expertise with proven SaaS technology platform capability. This enables data-intensive analytics to drive value creation and empower business innovation

We leverage deep data science capability to deliver transformative solutions for industries including finance, telecommunications, utilities, energy, mining, technology, and the public sector


Data strategy

Uncover hidden patterns and establish a framework for data-driven decision-making with our bespoke Data Analytics Assessment

  • Understanding your data challenges
  • Our bespoke Data Analytics Assessment can assess your environment, internal skills, operational processes, identify requirements and potential areas of risk, and map the best way forward for your unique situation
  • The assessment is typically conducted over a four-to-six-week period, depending on the scope and complexity of the requirements and environment. It reviews areas such as Business Strategy, Data Governance, Resource Models, Data Processes and Practices, Technical Architecture Considerations, and Data Availability
  • A detailed report covering technical and business considerations is provided after the assessment
Data Science

Data science

Pursue breakthrough ideas with confidence

Derive deep insights, rapidly extract business value from your data and pursue breakthrough ideas with confidence. Data Science is a complex and ever evolving field, and we believe that the best way to deliver an appropriate solution is to combine our research and industry knowledge to deliver the most appropriate methods and platforms

Machine Learning

Machine learning

  • Supervised (un and semi), anomaly detection and reinforcement learning algorithms
  • Generic Algorithms, Neutral networks (RNN, CNN), Bayesian networks, Decision tree base models, SVM’s
Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing

  • Topic Modelling
  • Named entity recognition
  • Machine Translation
Data Mining

Data mining

  • Curate data for modelling using a variety of applicable techniques to understand underlying structures that are meaningful and insightful
Feature Engineering

Feature engineering

  • Leveraging domain experts for each specific problem, solving to ensure we have a feature set tailored to the problem
Deep Domain Expertise

Industrial phD program

  • Access to an extensive global partner network
  • Utilizing PhDs and active University engagement

Working in this way allows us to build from a small POC right through to a production grade system ensuring that the solution

  • Is appropriately sized, not a one size fits all solution
  • Can scale cost efficiently
  • Addresses directly the most material use cases
  • Is built with the specific clients’ use cases in mind
  • Is built by data science experts who have a deep understanding of complex machine learning and AI methods and when and where to deploy them appropriately

Our data science team includes experienced industry data science professionals, an extensive global partner network and industrial PhDs who are undertaking research across data science, machine learning and AI disciplines. This gives us a unique ability to apply the most current research and draw on our proven commercial experience to deliver data science solutions in a range of real-world environments

Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

Drive your business strategy

Ensure security, reliability, and business strategy alignment with our robust, flexible, and adaptable Platform Architecture Solutions. Ingest IOT sensor, structured and unstructured data at scale. Learn about the RoZetta Technology SaaS Platform technologies here

Our SaaS Platform Architecture Solution enables the ingestion, transformation, and availability of data to drive valuable insights and analytics in a secure and controlled manner

We provide a flexible and innovative approach that best utilizes the vast array of technologies and analytic tools now available, while also accounting for broader requirements and growth

This ensures your big data and analytics environment is not only secure and robust, but also utilizes the right technology for your needs today - and into the future

Managed Services

Managed Services

Enhance your internal capability

Receive 24/7 monitoring, issue resolution, dedicated maintenance, and complete infrastructure management to ensure you have performance you can trust. Ensure you have the hygiene elements in order to give you the confidence and ability to focus on creating value when using the platform

  • Data Management
  • Entitlement management
  • Subscription management
  • Security
  • User management
  • 24x7 Support
  • R&D Product Roadmap
  • Access to flexible additional resources in support of your business data science objectives

Take a look at our Managed Service Platform technologies – here

Application Development

Application Development

Maximize performance, agility and long-term use

Access proven, dynamic technologies, with low adoption complexity and provide maximized performance, agility, and long-term flexibility

Principles to application development

  • Build for performance, resilience, availability, cost management and scale
  • Make dynamic cloud-based applications that take full advantage of AWS services however architect to be flexible to client requirements
  • Simplify development and management by building modular applications that seamlessly integrate with other services and APIs
  • Re-architect legacy applications using a cloud-native approach
  • Apply continuous integration / delivery and agile development best practises to increase agility, software quality and reduce risk
  • Provide performance monitoring and response to ensure high quality resilience
  • Ensure we deliver customer success long after launch including roadmap enhancements
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Access world-leading AWS expertise

Access world leading and highly experienced cloud data management expertise. We can utilize any major cloud infrastructure dependent on client needs and hold AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status

RoZetta Technology provides expertise to help you succeed with data and analytics in the cloud, to ensure trustworthy and scalable performance.

Optimized AWS cloud environment for successful and low-impact migration design

Design and build of cloud optimized capability for your data transformation activity

Advanced Data Science expertise so you can create value from data through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques

Amazon Web Services is used by RoZetta Technology to underpin a wide range of solution types, including IoT, financial services, energy, capital markets, resources, health, utilities, telecommunications, research, governance and market surveillance

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