Unlock the Future

Unlock The Future

World-class data science, cloud and technology expertise, combined with a powerful managed service SaaS platform to support clients, solve problems and unlock data potential


Data and product strategy

Build a map for your future based on environment, internal skills, operational and market conditions

Data science

Deep domain expertise. Consulting or outsourced resourcing. World-class analytic environment enablement

Platform architecture

Powerful, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective SaaS platform design and delivery to ingest; transform; analyze and present insights

Cloud services

Experts in cloud infrastructure migration and optimisation. Aligning the best cloud configuration for optimal cost and outcome

Managed services

Tailored peace of mind service. Monitoring, 24x7 Support, Remediation and Management expertise

Application development

High performance, resilience, and available solutions. Product development extension to capability and innovation delivery

"RoZetta Technology demonstrated a deep knowledge of the nuances of financial data and workflow, as well as big data technologies. RoZetta Technology’s Thomson Reuters Tick History service became one of the fastest growth projects within Enterprise and continues to generate revenue in the tens of millions of dollars annually."

Mike Powell, Managing Director
Thomson Reuters Enterprises

DataHex platform

We use our unrivaled expertise in ingesting, managing, data science analytics and visualizing data to transform high-volume, high-velocity data into clear insights. Available in a secure, resilient, and scalable SaaS platform

  • 1Fast easy adoption and minimized technical overhead through cloud infrastructure
  • 2Flexible data format ingestion and utilization with fundamental curated datasets to drive early insight and speed-to-market
  • 3Powerful, scalable platform with tools to enable in platform or integrated deep analysis
  • 5Access to advanced, experienced product and data R&D services
  • 4Cost-effective solution with considerable data sources from Tick History to Alt Data


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