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RoZetta Technology introduces an impressive team of strategic advisors
Sydney-based data solutions company RoZetta Technology is proud to announce the launch of a new Advisory Board. This group of...
Rise of the data factory – A new era for ‘Alt Data’
Dale Richards, RoZetta Technology As the data market moves forward, organizational leaders have broadly embraced utilization of new technologies, new...
A new exciting partnership
Toronto, New York, London, Sydney, March 10, 2020 Toronto-based JamLabs Data Science Inc. (JamLabs) and Sydney-based RoZetta Technology have announced...
Morningstar Tick Data Cloud Platform Solution powered by RoZetta Technology
Chicago-based data and investment research provider Morningstar has partnered with RoZetta Technology to revamp its tick data delivery architecture into...
Scott Matthews joins RoZetta as Head of Data Science
As RoZetta gears up for an exciting future, Scott Matthews joins the leadership team... Formerly Chief Data and Analytics Architect...
Dale Richards joins RoZetta Technology as Board Advisor
One of Australia's best-kept technology secrets is about to be shared with the world with the announcement that Dale Richards...
RoZetta Technology Now an AWS advanced consulting partner
The CMCRC-SIRCA merger continues to create new benefits for partners and customers. For over 20 years, RoZetta Technology has developed customised...
Vivid Event: a backdrop to exciting future for data and technology hub
Guests from government, academia and business helped celebrate the merger of SIRCA and CMCRC with the 10th anniversary of  Vivid as...
The Power of Collaboration
As the use of technology continues to expand throughout many businesses and emerging technology solutions become mainstream, many businesses don’t...

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