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Leveraging behavioral data to develop market Indices


  • PEXA, a world-first digital settlement property platform helps homebuyers and sellers track their settlement progress in real-time.
  • To provide greater insight into the mortgage refinancing industry PEXA wanted to develop a Refinance Index enabling mortgage lenders, mortgage securitization holders and government agencies to understand trends, benchmark market share by sector and understand emerging industry risks.
  • The Refinance index is calculated against the total market activity at many geographic levels i.e. national, state, metro/regional, local areas etc.
  • The index provided PEXA with a unique market insights and benchmarking data product to license to industry participants as well as industry observers looking for lead economic indicators.


  • RoZetta data scientists leveraged behavioral data to develop an effective residential refinance index for PEXA to measure the level of mortgage refinance by geographic market.
  • RoZetta designed, developed and delivered the Refinance Index through a automated cloud solution with monthly data updates and the production of indices at all levels of geography (i.e. State, metro/regional, local area markets.)
  • The final product seamlessly incorporates into the PEXA web portal to provide subscribers with access to the index history and updates.
  • The index tracks the refinance activity value and volume historically and allows for comparison between geographic levels providing the user with invaluable benchmarking insights.
  • The Refinance Index provides data-driven insights into property data crucial for governments, consumer lenders and holders of securitized portfolios. See the PEXA refinance index tool here.


PEXA was able to accelerate the speed to market in launching the Refinance Index by partnering with RoZetta Technology and accessing a unique blend of industry knowledge, data science and cloud capabilities

The Index enables industry participants to benchmark and compare their mortgage portfolio changes compared to the market - clearly highlighting real gains or losses in market share

Surface any underlying portfolio risks and help with growth and retention resource allocation

The Index creates a new revenue opportunity for PEXA generating value from their rich property market data by providing accurate and timely insights into market performance

As a portfolio management tool,  the index is crucial to provide a foundation for future indices and metrics to provide transparency and encourage competition in the highly competitive property market

The Index is a market first in terms of providing quantitative time-series trends at all levels of geography


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Rama Chandra
Senior Delivery Manager

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