DataHex Tick Data

SaaS platform delivering easy access, trustworthy time-series data, curated metrics and reference data direct to your environment or application.

Historical Market Data

The DataHex Data Management SaaS Platform is a world-class highly resilient cloud-based environment as a managed service offering.

It has been built to ingest, transform and present multi-petabytes of daily tick trade information along with pre-calculated and custom market metric data. Easy to access and schedule delivery direct to your environment or application. Able to load any partner for quick access.

Select only the data you want and have it delivered on a schedule direct to where you want it when you need it. Easy adoption with a range of features such as mapping to all major data instrument codes.

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Tick data workflow

Why choose DataHex Tick Data


A powerful SaaS platform able to support access to over 450 exchanges and processes over 10 billion orders per trading day. Including complex data such as time and sales, market depth & intra-day time series


Infinite scalability able to support large-scale tick data, including curated data sets and tailored client support services


Cloud-native SaaS platform with high availability, security and resilience

Data can be access through a range of interfaces including API, React GUI, FTP, AWS S3


Between cloud infrastructure, competitive pricing, and breadth in data, the Tick Data management SaaS platform stretches your budget further and delivers immediate benefit

Key capabilities

security master

 Security master

With ever-increasing regulatory reporting and compliance obligations, firms need a trustworthy source of reference data to support all aspects of compliance, research and reporting execution. The DataHex Data Management SaaS Platform has a comprehensive Security Master reference data and symbology mapping product - designed to support greater transparency and effective connectivity between data sets.

  • Improve insights by linking data sets that use identifiers
  • Fuel analysis teams with tools to dynamically map and link data sets
  • Trace symbology (e.g. name changes) lineage across instruments in history
  • Reduce cost and technology overheads
  • Increase speed to signal in finding Alpha
  • Avoid costly 'lock-in' data provider contracts
Entity mapping icon

 Entity mapping

When speed-to-signal analysis is critical, RoZetta Technology compliments our comprehensive Security Master with an Entity Mapping Product. We enable clients to unlock the potential of unstructured data and maximize the value of new data sources.

With a combination of the leading Analytics, AI and Machine Learning tools and techniques, our experienced data science team have developed a range of models trained to interrogate differing forms of data. The models are developed to recognize and extract entities, understand relationships to additional contextual information, map entities to market identifiers, and consequently link instrument and trading activities.

Providing a deeper understanding of the entities whether people, organizations, locations or events.

Unlock the potential of multiple types of data and empower your analysts with data that's analysis ready and linked to financial identifiers. Accelerate analysis, finding signal and decision insights.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Leading Machine Learning
  • Latest AI technology

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Empowering market data consumers and vendors

Here are some of our work in the Capital Markets. DataHex ingests, stores, enhances, transforms and delivers data efficiently, so your team can focus on what truly matters.

Streamlining access to ICE market data in the cloud

Global financial markets historical data platform

Cloud migration and new product in historical data offering

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