Harness the value of your data assets

DataHex: Data Library

Drive your organization's insight and innovation through seamless discovery, access and management of your data workflow.

Data Library. Fast track to analytics-ready data.

Virtualise access to all your internal and external data. Empower your users across the enterprise to quickly find data stored in multiple locations and spend less time wrangling data. Extract only the data users need with our intuitive search engine, filters and custom selection tool, which can handle all types of financial instruments and data types structured and unstructured.

DataHex Data Library can empower your organization on your Data Modernization journey to achieve the following strategic imperatives:-


    • Increase efficiency to drive competitive advantage
    • Flexibility to scale and respond to future data needs
    • Optimize the total cost of ownership by minimising duplicate effort and storage
    • Mitigate risk by tapping into proven capability

DataHex: Data Library Ecosystem.



Quickly scale and curate your internal and external data universe.

Ingest, curate and enhance your internal and third-party structured and unstructured data.



Align with your cloud, on-prem, at-the-edge or hybrid data lake storage strategy.

Import from on-prem or cloud storage into DataHex Data Library and deliver to on-prem, cloud, hybrid, or both. The platform will scale with your evolving business requirements.



Unlock and discover all the data assets from one platform.

Powerful semantic search capability that returns highly relevant datasets. Apply filters and custom selection criteria to further tune the results and find precisely the right dataset required for analysis.



Reduce operational risk. Automate workflow and governance.

Ensure datasets are standardized and fit-for-purpose to promote high-quality collaboration. Data quality enhancements are centralised improving the overall experience and efficiency for every user. Set and manage permissions at the most granular level to maximize accessibility and manage usage quotas.



Send selected data assets to any environment, internally or externally.

Extract partial or atomized datasets into your preferred application environment through an intuitive user interface or via a RESTful API suite.



Manage the total cost of ownership by minimizing duplicate data and fixing the root cause of data quality through enterprise-centric data management and collaboration. A trusted catalog of datasets will identify duplicate licensing and enable proactive management of data vendors.



Gain automated insights into cost management, compliance and governance. No need to rely on ad-hoc procedures to generate tracking reports. Access system, usage and frequency and vendor reports to drive better decisions.

Key capabilities 

Empowering market data consumers and vendors.

Here are some of our work in the Capital Markets. DataHex ingests, stores, enhances, transforms and delivers data efficiently, so your team can focus on what truly matters.

Streamlining access to ICE market data in the cloud

Global financial markets historical data platform

Ultizing NLP to enhance discovery for unstructured data

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