Capital Markets

Tailored client solutions delivering compliance protection and innovation to find alpha, whilst increasing margin and speed to market


The introduction of a host of regulatory changes impacting capital markets, firms are driving a need to adopt new processes and access to new data sources and solutions to stay compliant. In addition, margin pressure and the need to take cost out for improved operational efficiency is driven by competitors and market consolidation

Finding alpha ahead of the competition has also driven innovation with migration to cloud, adoption of advanced data science machine learning and AI, augmenting traditional fundamental analysis

Market Drivers


  • Regulatory changes demanding Data Driven compliance, and greater market transparency
  • Emergence of Quantamental investing, combining fundamental data with various modelling tools to gain competitive investment insight
  • Increased access to new Alt Data Sources (rise of IoT, new datasets, etc.)
  • Data as a commodity increasing as data vendors recognize opportunity to service directly to client
  • Competitive pressures fueling use of AI and ML led initiatives to be first to find alpha
  • Cost savings driven through best cost architecture options (build vs SaaS)
  • Security considerations critical to ensure system transparency, trust and IP protection


  • Cloud computing and storage – reduce costs, improve agility, and enable product development and speed to market
  • Platform and data security
  • Data sovereignty and protecting differentiating IP


Competitive threats putting pressure on internal infrastructure to deliver greater value with faster speed in and to market

  • Desire to transition operational legacy tech on-prem to cloud for scalability, eliminate technical debt and increasing complex analytical capability
  • Need to focus on differentiating value delivery analytics, leaving non-differentiating fundamental analysis to low cost, low overhead solutions
  • Desire to access large scale high velocity data and optimize value of in-house data assets
  • Partner solutions emerging to reduce operational overhead and ensure best-in-breed
  • Challenge in building and running a data science capability to scale

Trust a partner who has the proven technical depth and data science pedigree to support your plans

Datahex - Captial Markets

Integrating world class data science, capital markets domain experience with best-in-breed technologies to provide a powerful, scalable, and flexible platform

Back Testing Trading Strategies

Best Execution

Trading compliance FRTB

Market & Trade Surveillance Compliance

AI Predictive & Prescriptive Applications


Algo Dev & Risk management

Datahex - Capital Markets


3rd Party Financial & Market Data


Morningstar Fundamental & Tick Data


Full order book to back test your trading strategies or conduct TCA

Curated additional data sets
(1min bars, 5min bars, etc.)

Powerful ML and AI capability to solve for liquidity risk metrics

Transform data to build chains and expose hierarchical relationships

Ready infrastructure to process data with related symbology and reference mapping

Access our data science and ML/AI tools to create simulators and forecasts

Secure isolated environment that protects data sovereignty and development of IP

Enables integration with client systems with flexible ingestion and integration APIs

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Proven Platform

Cost Effective – To enable scaling and supporting growth

Technology Flexible

Pre and Post Trade Optimization

Cloud Provider Flexible

Low overhead for innovating on offering new services such as global Data Shop

Proven Platform

Minimises technical debt

Technology Flexible

Cloud flexible

Cloud Provider Flexible

Speed to market/decisions with agile infrastructure in finding alpha

Proven Platform

Secure and highly resilient infrastructure

Technology Flexible

Partner to continue focus on technology innovation and improvements

Cloud Provider Flexible

Access to a Data Science and Cloud Technology expert team

Why RoZetta Technology

Over 20 years financial market data and managed solution domain experience

Reputation for building world-class multi-petabyte serverless cloud platforms

Managed service experience – large scale global environment (24x7 operations and client management)

Cloud technology experts (including AWS Advanced Cloud Consultant partner)

Highly technical and innovative R&D product capability, providing an extension to your team

Deep domain expertise with an extensive global partner network and active university and PhD involvement

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