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Organizations can effortlessly manage the complexity of developing data products and license them through an e-commerce platform. The DataHex e-commerce solution can present defined data products that offer custom extracts and subscriptions.


Streamlining access to ICE market data in the cloud

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  • Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is a leading provider of data, technology, and market infrastructure to capture tick-by-tick data for trades and quotes across multiple assets
  • To maintain a competitive edge ICE has joined forces with RoZetta to offer their clients flexible delivery and the ability to incorporate data enhancements during this process
  • Within Capital Markets the increasing costs and complexity of managing large-scale data remain a constant challenge as data continues to grow exponentially
  • Quantitative analysts and Data Scientists are adopting new cloud and analytical platforms to develop value-creating trading strategies


  • RoZetta delivered a Market-Data-as-a-Service pipeline to streamline market data transformation and enhancements, significantly reducing data wrangling and data management costs for ICE and their client base
  • This partnership will provide analytic-ready data, transformed, enhanced, and delivered seamlessly to accelerate productivity gains for all end users spanning trading, research, compliance, and risk management
  • The solution allows ICE’s clients to select a subset of data fields to be transformed for use in higher-cost environments while delivering the whole extract to lower-cost file storage
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DataHex enables ICE clients to have licensed data seamlessly transformed and delivered into multiple cloud platforms and analytical environments to minimize time spent on data management tasks by high-value specialist roles

Incorporating data enhancements optimizes the processing and ingestion costs for the client

This service is a productivity tool for roles requiring analytics-ready data, reducing time spent on data wrangling while optimizing the total cost of ownership

Global financial markets historical data platform


  • Opportunity existed to better support decision making in financial markets by providing accessible and usable financial data at scale
  • Required a solution to accommodate:
    • Structured and unstructured financial market data sets – tick data for more than 450 global exchanges
    • Scale to cope with over 3 petabytes of data
    • Data including over 10 billion transactions daily; 15 years of historical data and over 85 million financial instruments
    • The solution was to offer a ‘bigdata’ solution before such a term existed
  • Required a managed service to provide full end-to-end operational support
    • To maintain a highly resilient stable platform to a demanding client base
  • There was an opportunity to partner with Thomson Reuters who were looking to better service the market using a trusted technology partner in RoZetta Technology


  • Through design, build and operations an on-premise technology solution was architected and imbedded with data science tools to enable effective ingestion, transformation and presentation of financial market data
  • The platform was fully managed – for over 15 years providing 24/7 global support and system maintenance
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Scalable, agile, architecture able to support required performance requirements

Used by over 650 clients representing over 90% of the world’s largest banks and 80% of largest global hedge funds

Delivered a long running, highly resilient solution – generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue for Thomson Reuters annually

Processing over 25 million client requests each year
With over 99.97% platform and data availability since 2008

Cloud migration and new product in historical data offering


  • With rising demand for tick data history, Morningstar set out to lift the performance to make it quicker and easier for clients to access the tick data offering
  • Required modernisation of a tick data technical infrastructure, to migrate to cloud technologies and introduce new tools to improve product offering.
    • Moving from legacy on-site storage using single-threaded process. This previously required data copied to hard drives and shipped via courier
  • Required a migration and conformance of a complex dataset covering:
    • Over 2.5 petabytes of tick level 1 & 2 market data, 50 million instruments
    • Covering over 200 trading venues and circa 99% of global equities coverage
    • Data dated back to 2003 and included 10-years USA composite data, exchange messages and outage information
  • Required a capability to quickly filter, extract and engage the data points including trade date and time, exchange time, volume, trade price, last bid and offer


  • Full-service cloud migration to native AWS serverless technology environment
  • Ability to ingest, curate and manage a considerable range of market data sets originating from global exchanges and markets
  • Client interface/shop front to enable direct login access and purchases
  • Additional mapping tools introduce to enable easy adoption to all major instrument codes
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Fully scalable, agile, architecture able to support required performance requirements of a multi-petabyte operation

High availability, security, and resilience with data accessible through a range of interfaces such as API, React GUI, FTP, AWS S3 and more

Sped a typical customer extraction from an 8-week deliverable to less than 2 hours

Reduced barriers to adoption through effective instrument mapping tools


RoZetta Technology builds products that solve unique challenges across a wide range of industries and we use the latest technology. Competent colleagues, collaborative work environment combined with a focus on delivering the best possible solutions to client/industry problems

Rama Chandra
Senior Delivery Manager

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