We are looking for a Data Scientist to drive and built innovative data science solutions for RoZetta’s diverse range of clients. You’ll be an integral part of the team and engage with clients across a range of project. You  are great at cultivating relationships both internally and externally to implement impactful solutions to real world challenges.

Company Overview

RoZetta Technology is a world-leading big data and advanced analytics information architecture company, and an advanced AWS Consulting Partner. Our systems provide the bedrock of scalable, robust, and reliable data-focused software platforms. Our projects shift perspectives to provide understanding and purpose to what was once just data. We exist to create value for our customers and to affect positive change in business, industry, economy, and society.

Role Overview

The Data Scientist will work as part of the Data Science team at RoZetta Technology, delivering analytic solutions and products for industry sectors and specific clients. Furthermore, the Data Scientist will be responsible for helping to optimise existing products and solutions as well as assist in delivering new products based on the clients’ specifications.

The Data Scientist will share responsibility for delivering RoZetta Technology’s Business Strategy and play a key role in engaging with clients to deliver value add solutions. The Data Scientist will also play a key role in shaping and maintaining the culture of the data science team.

Core Responsibilities

It is expected that the Data Scientist will significantly contribute to RoZetta Technology through the following:

  • Designing and implementing advanced data science solutions that deliver the expected business outcomes and looking to identify opportunities to extend these solutions across industries.
  • Be accountable for end-to-end predictive analytics from exploratory analysis to feature engineering, model selection and performance evaluation.
  • Assist in identifying opportunities for new or follow-on business.
  • Assist in the design and optimisation of data architectural models to support analytics.
  • Discover trends, patterns and stories told by the data and analyse how the client and RoZetta technology can use these insights to their competitive advantage.
  • Understand, interpret and define business requirements.
  • Analyse more cost-effective ways to use existing and new products and solutions across the enterprise.
  • Be innovative, proactively researching new approaches to client and industry problems.
Client Engagement
  • Assist in developing client proposals, solution designs, solution reviews.
  • Analyse and evaluate client requirements and assist in developing a program of work to deliver these including estimation of effort to deliver.
  • Provide technical oversight and advice for client work and or product development initiatives.
  • Assist in developing and delivering client presentations including features, implementation approach, technical requirements, impacts, and benefits.
  • Produce creative data visualizations and intuitive graphics to present complex analytics.
  • Deliver and implement solutions for clients to agreed requirements, actively working with the delivery management team to ensure projects are delivered to clients’ expectations.
  • Work collaboratively with engineering teams to data science solutions into an appropriate architecture for the required data science workload.
Research and Development

To ensure RoZetta Technology remains a leading-edge Data Science provider and to foster strong relationships with the academic community, the Data Scientist may engage in research and development activities related to specific client projects and/or capabilities that RoZetta Technology are seeking to develop as time and need permits.

This research activity will be agreed with the Chief Data Scientist, and may include the following:

  • Supervising PhD students employed by RoZetta Technology
  • Working with academic faculty researching data science methods relevant to RoZetta Technology’s needs including:
    • Assisting in writing research papers
    • Presenting capability to industry and academic forums
    • Workshops, meetings and discussions around potential solutions for client projects
  • Undertaking further study to develop skills in the areas of:
    • Data science methods and approaches.
    • Implementation of data science models in production environments.
    • Professional development (presentation skills, leadership skills, business writing skills).

The commercial interests of RoZetta Technology will determine the priority and scope of any research and development work undertaken by the Data Scientist.

Team Culture

The Data Scientist is expected to actively make a positive contribution to the culture of the analytics team and should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Passion: show a passion for helping our customers and our colleagues.
  • Curiosity: demonstrate an ability to gain a deep understanding of our customer’s problems and to continually look to learn new things.
  • Collaboration: demonstrate a strong desire to work together sharing, knowledge and skill to get the best outcome for our customers and to build the team.
  • Quality: strive to develop well designed solutions that are elegant, efficient and cost effective.
Essential Requirements
  • Demonstrated experience in delivering analytical solutions to clients that deliver incremental value.
  • Demonstrated experience in requirements gathering, business analysis and solution definition Experience of working in a commercial analytics environment.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing multiple projects under pressure and meeting deadlines.
  • Experience with interacting proactively with internal and external customers.
  • Demonstrated coding experience in building and deploying data science solutions.
  • Knowledge of advanced data science techniques and methods and a demonstrated ability to research appropriate methods to solve customer problems.
Required Skill Set:
  • 3+ years of relevant experience in Analytics and/or Data Science.
  • Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, Econometrics, Computer Science, Finance or another quantitative field, preferred.
  • Ability to code in R, Python or Scala.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of statistical/data mining/machine learning methods how to apply these to business problems.
  • Ability to implement analytical recommendations and models that deliver significant sustained business impact.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Analytically minded with business acumen.
  • Problem-solving aptitude.
  • Working knowledge of operational efficiency principals and best practices.
  • Understand emerging analytical and data science trends and their applicability to client solutions.
  • Experience in an early stage entrepreneurial environment, willingness to play a versatile role in small team coupled with a desire to help build a global team.
Desired Skill Set:
  • Understanding of cloud computing environments (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Understanding of deploying analytical solutions into cloud environments
  • Experience in running data science and/or analytics workloads at scale.
  • Experience in working in an agile development environment.
  • Experience in working with GIT version control (via GitHub or Gitlab)
  • Experience in an early stage entrepreneurial environment, willingness to play a versatile role in small team coupled with a desire to help build a global team.

If you have the right set of skills and experience to make a difference, send your application to: