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The CMCRC-SIRCA merger continues to create new benefits for partners and customers. For over 20 years, RoZetta Technology has developed customised commercial solutions to load, transform, store, secure, analyse and link data sets. RoZetta’s cloud-based data-intensive technology solutions and information services can be delivered at scale, helping partners and customers solve complex problems, achieve business outcomes, drive innovation and value creation, and unlock new opportunities. These solutions include the revolutionary Thomson Reuters Tick History (TRTH) platform. Used by 90% of the world’s largest banks and 80% of the world’s largest hedge funds, TRTH stores over three petabytes of data and processes more than 10 billion transactions every trading day. RoZetta’s capability grows Now part of the CMCRC-SIRCA Group, adding analytical expertise to technology innovations, RoZetta develops world-leading solutions for: And as a newly appointed Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, RoZetta is able to offer even more benefits to partners and customers. “Thanks to our AWS-enabled cloud-based solutions, our customers don’t have to worry about maintaining expensive infrastructure,” said Peter Spicer, Chief Technology Officer at RoZetta. “We can not only efficiently manage massive amounts of data, but we also extract value from it – providing outstanding commercial outcomes for our partners.” Discover the benefits of a RoZetta Technology solution

Guests from government, academia and business helped celebrate the merger of SIRCA and CMCRC with the 10th anniversary of  Vivid as a fitting back drop. It is great sharing with you the excitement generated at our joint Sydney Vivid event where we announced the merger of RoZetta/SIRCA and CMCRC.

This merger brings together two organisations with very similar charters and the same commitment to using data to bring transparency and equity to key markets.

These companies have developed and deployed game changing solutions that have brought transparency and efficiency to capital markets transactions around the world.  They are both leading innovators in using big data and advanced analytics in capital markets, health, energy and logistics.                                                                                     Minister Craig Laundy announcing the merger In announcing the merger Minister Laundy said “It’s not just vertical integration, it’s horizontal integration at the same time, which will provide some real grunt, especially when it comes to data and data analytics, training PhD students, and collaboration with industry” He then added “What this merger will deliver to this country moving forward, not just for the PhD students moving up and out into the world, are the benefits that are limited only by your imagination. You’re the sort of people we in government wish we could find more of to back.” This merger will result in the establishment of an unrivalled centre of excellence for analytical innovation in Australia.  Federal Minister Craig Laundy was clear in his support of the merger as it provides a showcase for Australia to play a key role in commercialising the innovation developed by our universities and the wider research community in collaboration with industry and government. Both SIRCA and CMCRC, have a commitment to support academic researchers through the provision of data and technology platforms, to solve complex problems in complex markets.  The merged entity will continue to support and grow the unique industrial PhD program which delivers meaningful outcomes for its commercial partners and is positioned well to develop data scientists to feed growing global demand. David Sharp, CEO, RoZetta and SIRCA