Toronto, New York, London, Sydney, March 10, 2020

Toronto-based JamLabs Data Science Inc. (JamLabs) and Sydney-based RoZetta Technology have announced a partnership to service the exploding demand for data science, analytics, and managed data services in the emerging cloud-based data exchange and data monetizing world.

Under the arrangement, the two firms will bring together deep domain expertise, world class cloud platforms and data science capabilities to provide an enhanced range of solutions for both sides of the data – users/data scientists and originators/data producers.

The value of data analytics to effectively support decision making is increasing in recognition by mainstream c-suite roles and a key theme for Corporate Chief Technical and Data Officers in board rooms around the globe. This partnership comes at a time when several challenges and notable trends are keeping enterprises awake at night:

  1. In the exploding market of originators, the “farm to table” value chain (moving data from discovery, to extraction, to structure, mapping, value creation, derivations, analytics, delivery, support) is an entirely new experience. These capabilities are needed as part of being a data producer in the new world.
    • New (alternative) data is now broadly needed by all segments of the financial market (quants, discretionary funds, PE firms, corporate clients). Data-driven investment strategy is now well beyond the initial early adopter. It needs data-capable quant shops with teams of data scientists and internal platform tech.
    • Emerging NLP (Natural Language Processing) and IoT (Internet of Things) sources are set to unearth huge locked vaults of unstructured data.
  2. For some, building and operating internal proprietary analytics capability may not be viable. Organisations often struggle to reconcile the cost to build and maintain an effective capability that returns benefit quickly against ‘core’ operating drivers. This leads many organisations to consider what their ‘core’ business operation and what is an effective model (i.e. build or partner).
    • The need to ensuring a data platform is future proofed to include cloud delivery and new analytic capabilities, whilst retaining ownership of their data – all within the accessible domain of the organisation.
    • Finding and nurturing deep domain and technical expertise in this field can be a challenge in a competitive labour market.
  3. R&D is nearly a forgotten business capability these days due to budget and time constraints. This is driving new mode options that effectively augment business operations to fuel innovation.

It is responding to these challenges RoZetta Technology and JamLabs offer a solution founded on cost effective “data platforms” with scalable domain-knowledgeable data management and production capabilities on cloud infrastructure.

RoZetta Technology has developed its core data analysis and research platform for financial PhD candidates and data scientists across 30 universities. For over 15 years RoZetta Technology’s platform has been tested and proven in real business scenarios. Storing, mapping, managing and providing API usable data across both alternative data and foundational data, the platform emerged as the largest tick database in the world for one of the largest data vendors in the world – Thomson Reuters.  Now a powerful cloud-based platform, RoZetta Technology was selected to provide managed tick data services for Morningstar with 250 exchange venues covering the past 15 years.

“In the emerging world of powerful enabling technologies such as the cloud and new analytics, there continues to be a significant domain and capability gap providing the plumbing necessary to manage and drive meaningful insight from big data and workflow integration.

Our partnership with JamLabs provides the right mix of deep domain and technical capability to help our clients unlock value in their data.” 

David Sharp, CEO RoZetta Technology

JamLabs Data Science Inc. is a speciality data science solutions firm providing full-stack data science services specializing in financial markets. JamLabs works with banks, data vendors, producers of data exhaust, exchanges and buy-side firms providing deep experience in data architecture, mathematics, analytics, capital markets trading, exchanges, transportation, telecommunications and neural nets. JamLabs works with global business leaders in software, data vendors, securities exchanges, and CDO’s in corporate clients applying many areas of deep domain expertise to help solve difficult business problems including data Webstore solutions, data penetration testing, anonymous data aggregation and analytics creation.

“RoZetta Technology is the best of breed in managing extremely difficult, production-ready big financial data including reference, trading, tick, and alternative data.

We are thrilled to be partnering with one the world’s leading cloud platform and data science businesses with a long history in building and operating peta-byte scale solutions across financial markets.

As a partner, RoZetta Technology offers us both a data science laboratory, exceptional data scientists and academics, combined with world class cloud engineering and a proven player in managed services”.

Tom Wadden, PhD, Founder JamLabs