We are pleased to announce that the 4th RoZetta Hackathon in December was a huge success.

As always, our Hackathons are a great opportunity to try out new ideas, experiment with new technologies and collaborate with colleagues who aren’t part of our regular team. To prepare for the event, our staff formed ideas and assembled into teams, and then hacked for 2 days culminating on the afternoon of the 16th where presentations and live demos were made from the teams to the entire company who critically evaluated. As a leading player in data and analytics we encourage our staff to participate and let loose to help us stay at the forefront of this burgeoning market. 

What makes our Hackathons exciting are the passion demonstrated by the entire SIRCA/RoZetta team.  We have broad criteria to guide ideation but we encourage the team to propose new ideas and innovate outside of the norm.  The broad criteria we give to the team are:    

  • A new business idea and innovation around investment market data, or
  • New technologies that build on our target architecture platforms, or
  • New ways of operating / driving efficiency in our development and support processes.

Over this Hackathon we had five teams with incredible ideas. The best Hackathon project was “L^3” for designing and building a framework for continuous long-running computation using Amazon Lambda, and the most courageous award went to  “Machine Learning Classification of ASX Announcement Removals”.  We look forward to our fifth Hackathon during mid-2017 where we’ll look to invite new partners to innovate alongside our team.