Trading in the public cloud: attitudes to cloud adoption in capital markets

Capital markets have been slow to adopt cloud technologies, particularly the public cloud. Even before considering the complexity of migrating legacy applications, practitioners have been concerned with latency, performance, privacy, security and overall cost. Rapid Addition commissioned A-Group Team to survey 20 leading capital markets firms from across the trading spectrum, including exchanges, sell-side banks,…

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The current and future landscape of real-time enterprise market data distribution

The Current and Future Landscape of Real-Time Enterprise Market Data Distribution

“The Current and Future Landscape of Real-Time Enterprise Market Data Distribution” is the latest article from RoZetta’s partner A-Team Insights. A-Team publishes the latest news spanning financial technology news across data management, trading and more. Executive Summary Financial institutions require large budgets to ensure that market data is accurate to conduct trading activities. The process…

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How to successfully navigate data modernization

How to Successfully Navigate Data Modernization

Phil Anderson – Head of Product Management, RoZetta Technology Read the article below or download the PDF version here. Effective data management and efficient technology performance are inextricably linked, especially in capital markets. The growth in transactional volumes and growing data sources means that the quality of the data management and technology directly impacts the growth…

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