The Current and Future Landscape of Real-Time Enterprise Market Data Distribution” is the latest article from RoZetta’s partner A-Team Insights. A-Team publishes the latest news spanning financial technology news across data management, trading and more.

Executive Summary

Financial institutions require large budgets to ensure that market data is accurate to conduct trading activities. The process of distributing real-time market data across the business is complex due to the many variables. First, the data is sourced, normalized, controlled, and distributed to a range of applications and end-users with low latency.

There are few platforms that offer an end-to-end solution for market data distribution. RoZetta’s DataHex is perfectly positioned to facilitate market data distribution, utilizing their DataHex SaaS platform. They have managed real-time data for Refinitiv, formerly known as Thomas Reuters and Morningstar.

Today vendor platforms are deeply embedded within financial institutions, given this how important is it for firms to modernise their legacy infrastructure, and what is required to modernise? How do the current vendors available remain competitive in today’s market? How can the cloud support this process?

“These are all pertinent questions when discussing enterprise market data platforms, but it’s important to consider the whole picture”, says Mike Powell, Advisory Board member at RoZetta Technology, CEO of trading technology vendor Rapid Addition and formerly head of the enterprise at Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv.

This article interviews all the players within this ecosystem to gain their perspective on the current requirements to modernisation their technology stack. This includes:

  • Embedded platforms
  • Legacy Architecture
  • Modernisation
  • Controlling costs
  • Leveraging the cloud

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For more on technology modernization read our recent guide, “How to Successfully Navigate Technology Modernization” by Phil Anderson, Head of Product Management, RoZetta Technology.

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