Principles underpinning a fraud and abuse monitoring system

Anomaly detection is essential in monitoring human and systems interactions that are too complex or numerous for a human alone to comprehend. Any organization delivering complex services to its customer base through intermediaries will be the subject of fraud and abuse by people in the service delivery chain. Research demonstrates that losses incurred by the…

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Top 7 guiding principles for anomaly detection systems

Top 7 Guiding Principles for Anomaly Detection Systems

Anomaly Detection Systems are built to identify and measure the root cause of error, abuse, fraud and waste. Anomaly detection also referred to as outlier or novelty detection, identifies events or observations that deviate significantly from the expected result, or a majority of the data, or do not conform to a well-defined notion of normal…

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This is not science fiction: anomaly detection systems manage masses of data to boost profits, cut fraud and wipe out waste

Article Header - Anomaly Detection [6.5x3.5]

Read the article below or download the PDF version here. When endeavouring to explain the function and value of an anomaly detection system, David Wright turns to science fiction, specifically Star Trek’s Tricorder – a (fictional) multifunction device aboard the USS Enterprise that performs sensor environment scans, data recording, and analysis. “Almost every company receives…

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