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Digital transformation is effecting every major industry in our economy and we can help you ride the wave and turn these challenges into opportunities.  We recognise that sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s the essence of big data: the threat of chaos, the opportunity to transform.

RoZetta looks at what transformation looks like in your industry – the business result you want and the data available to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to get there. We uncover common patterns that make sense of data. We transform volumes of seemingly useless information into the key to your organisation’s future.

We apply our own expertise and experience in a range of industries and sectors to make sure we keep it real and deliver measurable value to you.  We employ people who are industry specialists so we don’t second guess the challenges we need to overcome. 

Financial Markets & Services   

As the leading financial markets big data solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region, we help investment and retail banks, fund and superannuation managers, insurance companies and exchanges unlock the value in the reams of data they deal with daily from multiple sources. Over many years, we have proven results: reduced costs, improved processes, stronger compliance, enhanced risk management profile and significant revenue growth. 

Analysts are able to access the largest amounts of current and historical trading and financial markets data with sophisticated software and analytics applications that provide timely information. 

Visualisation can be the key to making the best decisions in the Financial Markets & Services Industry. RoZetta has developed a range of user friendly, state of the art visualisation tools that gives choice to the user to assist them with the best outcomes in this complicated and data heavy industry. 

Tertiary Education   

As a leading, global data and analytics solutions provider for universities and educational institutions, we have earned a reputation for providing a cost-effective and efficient, powerful and scalable platform, overlaid with advanced analytic and user-friendly software applications that make a difference. Over more than 18 years, our parent company SIRCA has honed its skills and expertise, providing universities and academic researchers with access to vast and comprehensive online repositories of global news and financial markets data to promote and enable financial research and innovation. With the launch of a new collaborative cloud based platform called SIRCA Gateway, SIRCA users now have access to unprecedented new data collections, compute power in the cloud, lightning speed access to data and analytics, ability to explore and analyse data as well as actualise significant cost savings in software, hardware and bandwidth. Leading Australian universities such as University of Melbourne, UTS, UNSW, and University of Sydney are some of the major establishments now using the new SIRCA Gateway. Read more about SIRCA

Government - Federal, State and Local   

Reams of collected data present massive challenges for governments at all levels. With effective governance and better budget result objectives, government clients can utilise our expertise in securing scalable data from multiple sources to unleash the power and scope of their big data to achieve their objectives. Our Solutions provide real-time data insights for more effective, actionable policy making - streamlining processes, resources and people and leading to more efficient public infrastructure, policy implementation and sustainable economic growth. Protection against data security breaches is also a critical focus of our customised government solutions.


Few other industries face the magnitude of data growth currently experienced by the booming healthcare sector with a maturing population. Trying to stay ahead of continuous industry and regulatory changes while dealing with relentless cost escalations adds to the challenge. RoZetta’s data solutions are specifically designed to tame the torrent, and deliver information and analysis that enables health providers, suppliers and policy managers to demonstrably improve their response to growing health care needs. Our solutions will unearth valuable new insights within both proprietary and external data sets, informing innovative approaches to cost reduction, process efficiency, new product opportunities and patient record security. As with all RoZetta solutions, we like to aim big – helping you to achieve better health outcomes for clients and patients to create greater value and growth.

Property & Real Estate   

It’s no wonder that Australians are obsessed with the buying, selling and investment of property – it’s the largest asset class by a factor of three.  Business leaders argue that this industry is ripe for disruption.  At RoZetta we believe that to stay relevant, leaders in this industry will need to adopt technology and use it to make better decisions at the right time on the right device.  With billions of data points available in the property eco system RoZetta has worked with leading data and analytical partners to build visualisation tools to help protect and manage our largest asset class.

Retail / FMCG  

Understanding how your customers think and behave is critical to customer engagement, attraction and retention strategies. Yet sifting through enormous volumes of customer data and trying to make sense of what it all means can be costly, resource intensive and just plain daunting. The task requires the sort of response we specialise in – quick and reliable delivery of valuable new customer insights, using customised solutions specific to your business. We work with you to answer the questions you need answered – harnessing multiple data sets, from gigabytes to peta and zettabytes, regardless of the size of your business or the scope of your data, we have data solutions that will meet your needs and deliver increased ROI.


We are pioneers in the provision of big data and technology solutions for agribusiness. We've developed software and apps that take traditional information sources - the weather, soil and environmental conditions that food producers have always relied upon – but take it to the next level, accessing more and better data using innovative sources. Our customised solutions deliver practical intelligence that will improve production, processing and distribution of food, providing powerful insights to drive growth, and enhance relationships across the ecosystem. By connecting and fusing these disparate data sources, including people, processes, data and critical inputs such as animals, plants, soil and grass, we give producers and processors the ability to optimise their production, control costs and get outcomes they’ve never thought would be possible.

Energy & Utilities  

The Utilities Industry is starting to see the efficiency benefits of the digital economy by applying deep knowledge and expertise in building and developing big data platforms and advanced analytics solutions to transform energy and utility networks. Customised solutions provide the intelligence and insights needed to know how to effectively balance supply, demand and usage with costs, compliance and plant design. Utilising RoZetta’s capabilities in data and analytics platforms utility companies can have access to real-time intelligence that can assist them to optimise their cost structure, engage with the clients or manage their risk profile.  The resulting cost and service efficiencies contribute to improved performance across the distribution network and a greatly improved return on investment.

Telco / CSPs  

Communication service providers are riding an unprecedented, and unstoppable, surge of data delivered daily via their networks and customer devices. They call on RoZetta’s expertise to help them manage the torrent and drive competitive advantage by transforming scalable data into powerful, practical business insights. We specialise in taming such unrelenting data floods, providing order and peace of mind with the knowledge, experience and technologies to develop innovative solutions via our analytics platforms, making sense of the chaos and finding meaning amongst the myriad of patterns. Our customised solutions help future-proof your business and deliver insights, which can increase revenue, identify new products and build exceptional customer engagement.

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