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precious water resources
Water utility companies have a responsibility to optimise water use and achieve the perfect balance between water supply and consumption. One New South Wales-based water utility, which provides drinking water, wastewater, recycled water, and storm water to approximately 600,000 residents, sought a solution to more effectively manage its water supply network.

Thomson Reuters Tick History  

We developed a highly resilient platform to ingest, transform and present the daily tick trades of more than 500 global exchanges. It is the largest financial market data archive globally in breadth and depth. Since inception in 2005, it has far exceeded both revenue and data volume projections, with the platform scaling to cater for that growth. Over 650 banks, including global heavyweights, leading hedge funds and regulators use this service and thousands of people rely on it every day to increase transparency and gain valuable insights across a range of critical asset classes.

Key aspects of the Tick History Platform include:

  • Clients include 90% of the world largest banks and 80% of the world’s largest hedge funds 
  • Provides access to over 85+ million instruments 
  • Stores 3+ petabytes of data; processes over 10+ billion orders per trading day including complex data sets such as time and sales, market depth and intra-day time series 
  • Maintained 99.97% platform and data availability since 2008
  • Data is accessed through a range of interfaces including API, Java GUI, FTP 
  • Over 25 million client requests are processed each year.

SIRCA Gateway  

SIRCA is an independent and leading provider of online financial data and analytical services to academia. With the ongoing release of extensive new data collections to researchers and the requirements for a highly scalable, flexible and collaborative environment, RoZetta designed, deployed and now manages an enhanced and technically superior analytics and data collaboration platform to over 30 Australian and New Zealand universities.

The SIRCA Gateway platform offers advanced AWS based tools and services to source and analyse enormous and varied data collections in real-time allowing academic researchers and students the opportunity to access, collaborate and innovate with vast amounts of previously unavailable financial data. The platform is highly scalable, enabling additional universities to be easily added as well as providing flexibility to extend the services and capabilities to teachers and students in related undergraduate courses.

RoZetta’s broad portfolio of financial markets data, which resides on the platform, has also been expanded. The new platform now includes data from Morningstar which is renowned for its breadth and depth of global financial and accounting information. Using its years of data engineering and analytics expertise, RoZetta rapidly built the platform enabling the ingestion and aggregation of a vast number and array of data collections, enriching it and presenting it for analytic research or to create an environment for further research and collaboration.


AlphaShapes is a Big Data and Analytics platform that analyses and presents capital markets data sourced from our partner, Thomson Reuters. This flexible platform can present a wide variety of data sources and scenarios from property data, consumer consumption, utilities, government and primary industries.

It provides a dynamic way for analysts to compare the relative value of stocks for any benchmark index. Leveraging the power and scale of Amazon Web Services and an innovative architectural approach, AlphaShapes redefines investment decision making and delivers a blindingly fast response, with an outstanding user experience. The global coverage of indices span all major markets in over 30 countries and across 60 exchanges.

Key aspects of the AlphaShapes platform include:

  • Strong visualisation functions makes it easy to compare multiple data variables with over 1800 pre-loaded criteria included to facilitate quick comparisons on company fundamentals, market data, ratios and operating metrics that draw on millions of calculations per index
  • Rapid response allows instant data delivery regardless of origin, size or complexity 
  • Point-in-time comparisons over a 25 year period allows for in depth comparative analysis and assessments 
  • Built and operates in the AWS cloud environment utilising leading services and technologies enabling fast responsiveness, consistent delivery of services, high scalability and a consistent delivery and reliability of service on a global basis. 

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