Today marks the launch of AlphaShapes™ by RoZetta Technology, available in Thomson Reuters Eikon. AlphaShapes represents a new, dynamic way for analysts to compare the relative value of stocks for any benchmark index. Gone are the days of collating multiple reports, calculating ratios, creating spreadsheets and league tables. Now analysts can compare data easily, visually and rapidly. With AlphaShapes making informed decisions is so much faster. 

“Every day RoZetta Technology harnesses big data to deliver new insights to our customers,” said David Sharp, CEO RoZetta. “RoZetta’s AlphaShapes enables instant knowledge discovery through a unique and intuitive visual interface (see image right). AlphaShapes unlocks hidden value across global markets.”

Ian Friedman, Chief Data Architect at RoZetta Technology believes “AlphaShapes will add immense value to analysts looking to save time and make data comparison simple, intuitive and visually meaningful. This has appeal not only to mutual fund analysts, but universally to all types of Eikon users,” he said. 

“AlphaShapes is part of our continuing drive to add further value to our Eikon users through collaboration with innovative 3rd party app developers and delivery through our App Studio,” said Debra Walton, Chief Product & Content Officer, Thomson Reuters.  “AlphaShapes is a dynamic visualisation tool that will redefine how our clients analyze market data in the future.”

Key features of AlphaShapes includes:

  • Global coverage across 60 exchanges
  • Compare up to 1200+ pre-loaded criteria
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Rapid responsiveness
  • Create your own ‘Value Shapes’
  • Normalised data
  • Latest cloud technology

About RoZetta Technology: RoZetta Technology is a data technology company based in Sydney, Australia and is recognised as a world leader in extracting meaning and value from big data to get highly applicable results. As the world enters the zettabyte era, RoZetta Technology is constantly disrupting and innovating to harness the power of their customer’s data to help them grow and succeed.

For more information visit ALPHASHAPES.COM