We believe in changing the world

RoZetta's purpose is to tackle real world problems. We focus on creating private benefit, while promoting public good. And we genuinely believe that RoZetta can make a difference. For example, we transformed how capital markets operate through the Tick History platform we built and operate for Thomson Reuters.  The transparency of trading, decision making, investment strategies and market surveillance have completely changed due to Tick History.

We look at the torrent of big data and see opportunity – by developing customised solutions to load, transform, store, secure, share, analyse and link data sets that answer big questions.  The insights we provide help our customers and partners transform and improve their businesses, economies and societies.  We derive meaning out of data and extract value from it, and that’s how we change the world.

If you would like us to show you a new world of opportunities please contact us and we would be delighted to meet you. 

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