Turning Big Data to actionable insights is what RoZetta does across different industries and different areas of the value chain. Data aggregation and management forms the foundation of delivering analytics and insights so that businesses and governments can make better decisions around:

  1. Revenue and Customer Management
  2. Cost Optimisation
  3. Risk Management
  4. Compliance



Our strengths

Game Changers

Mastering big data is what we do – game changing insights are what we deliver. Big data contains enormous amounts of data records. These data records can describe, and they can even predict, but in the right hands they can totally transform. Ask the right questions. Apply the right combination of technology and expertise. Make the linkages. Find the meaning in data and you can change the game. Be the first to do it and you also reap the rewards.


Big data can be cumbersome. RoZetta is nimble. Our strength lies in our capacity to master vast volumes of data at speed and with unfailing reliability. We think fast. We think differently. We listen and we respond to change. You have to be agile to change the world.

Results Focused

We resolve challenging issues that matter, delivering solutions that work. It’s that simple. We are passionate about creating, delivering and deriving economic and social value from our expertise, technological capabilities and solutions. For us, changing the world is not a pipedream, it’s our business and we work relentlessly to ensure that no-one does it better.