Within complex markets managing data is crucial to remain competitive and generate revenue. In particular when third-party data is required to identify opportunities and threats to the price of any asset or the frequency of its purchase.

Early detection of a change in value is inextricably linked to effectively managing the growing volume of complex data used in decision-making models. Integrating the growing volume of historical trading data with alternative data and ESG is an increasingly challenging and resource intensive task. In addition, the growing requirement for compliance reporting adds another layer of complexity to data management.

By applying an Enterprise Centric approach to data management optimizing the total cost of data ownership and stewardship is achievable and supports productivity growth.

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Discover the key benefits of an enterprise-centric approach for your organization:

1. Productivity gains through the shared benefit of access to higher-quality data

DataHex aligns data accountability to roles with the right expertise – builds productivity. The result is every user shares the benefits of higher data quality – the focus becomes value generation.

By fixing any of the data issues at the platform level means fixing issues once for all users.

2. Data quality enhancement

Many data quality issues, like data gaps, can be resolved by actively managing data vendors.

Security Master and reference databases are validated and updated as part of the data ingestion process.

Clients can specify customized market metrics and time bars to ensure consistency with existing logic used in analysis and modeling.

3. Data and technology agnostic incorporating data curation for analytics-ready data

Struggling with runaway cloud costs? An enterprise-centric approach can help you manage cloud costs.

RoZetta’s DataHex is data vendor agnostic and has ingestion processes for the major data vendors and delivery capability to multiple cloud platforms.

RoZetta fuses data engineering and data science to develop sophisticated algorithms that drive ingestion, validation, transformation, normalization, indexing, and optimized interrogation speeds.

Why RoZetta Technology

RoZetta has developed a benchmarking methodology that estimates the value of moving to our cloud-based Enterprise Centric model of data management. With very few inputs RoZetta can provide an estimate of the financial gain based on moderating operational costs and increasing revenue opportunities for your organization.

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