RoZetta Technology and the GreenBirch Group announce an exciting collaboration to service the exploding demand for data science, analytics, and managed data services.

Capital Markets firms are faced with migration decisions as cloud technologies emerge and firms seek to optimize their cost base in parallel with building competitive advantage. The GreenBirch Group and RoZetta Technology are proven experts with knowledge, experience and technical depth required to support complex decisions and delivery real business outcomes.

With advances in data processing technology evolving rapidly, both on the analytical and infrastructure side, firms now have an opportunity to gain deeper insights from a broader set of data at a significantly lower cost. In a highly competitive capital markets space 4 themes are currently front of mind as firms seek to economically and effectively leverage data and take a step away from on-premise constraints.

  1. New world data storage creates competitive advantage – The technical need to store data on-premise in order to analyse has gone away with public cloud infrastructure easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective.
  2. New data driving Alpha discovery – The emergence of new data sources presents a significant opportunity to find Alpha and deliver market insights.
  3. Lower cost, increase speed to market – Belief that new technologies allow for reduction in total cost of ownership and improved value from data assets is driving cloud migration consideration.
  4. Partnering with new skills key for successful migration to new world – Building an effective transition plan and identifying the right technologies is complex and raises questions relating to building in-house or leverage other models – where to begin.

With the emergence of scalable, flexible technologies and accessible data and analytic managed platforms the industry has the opportunity to reverse the effort to value ratio. In the past firms spent 80% of their effort ensuring data was accessible, usable and had tools available to undertake analysis. Today presents potential to turn this on its head and deliver 80% of effort towards value realizing analytics and revenue generation.

London-based GreenBirch Group are experts in supporting firms identify, plan and execute practical transitions to realize these benefits. To effectively leapfrog technical debt and open opportunities to utilize scalable quality data for analytics is where GreenBirch Group together with RoZetta Technology make a powerful combination.

Working with GreenBirch, firms can build a clear picture of the right technology and business case that will allow them to move forward. Leveraging solutions by RoZetta Technology provides a technology flexible solution. Embedded with data science analytics their cloud based platform presents a tailored, scalable and cost-effective option with relatively low barriers to adoption.


RoZetta Technology is a data science, cloud technology managed service provider who have specialized in build and operations of financial markets solutions since 1997. RoZetta Technology have delivered multiple white labelled cloud based, petabyte scale data and analytical platform solutions for companies such as Thomson Reuters and Morningstar. RoZetta Technology has expertise in working with structured and unstructured data from S&P Capital, IDC, the ICE Group, Bloomberg and over 450 stock exchanges including emerging Alt data sources through a tailored DataHex managed SaaS platform

“As RoZetta Technology expands, we continue to build strategic relationships in key markets to service ever-changing customer needs. We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with the GreenBirch Group. As an immensely experienced financial markets team focused on the UK European segment, with a center of excellence in data strategy, data platform modernization and efficient analytics, GreenBirch will provide RoZetta Technology with valuable client and product development insights.”

David Sharp, MD, RoZetta Technology


GreenBirch is a niche capital markets consultancy with both technical and business expertise in data, electronic trading, trade processing platforms, the associated business workflows and the regulations affecting the financial markets. GreenBirch brings clarity through expert consultancy: to find the relevant information among the increasingly complex financial and regulatory landscape, to help firms build data, digital and e-business strategy in both the OTC and exchange traded space.With knowledge and experience extending over four decades – GreenBirch provides insightful content and solid business cases through both its individual consulting engagements and round-table events.

“The Industry is poised for significant change – especially in the way firms consume and use financial data. Innovators in the data business are defining and building a new “start line” for data analytical platforms – RoZetta Technology is one of those leaders. They have a deep understanding of data, stretching over decades, but the agility to move with the latest in technology to deliver the right solution.”

Alex Wolcough, CEO, GreenBirch Group