RoZetta was proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the 2018 AWS Summit held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

With more than 18,000 attendees over the three days of the Summit, it provided the ideal opportunity for RoZetta to provide details of its capabilities and experience in delivering world class big data and analytics platforms in an AWS environment.

In line with the AWS theme of retiring technical debt and driving innovation, RoZetta’s Chief Technology Officer held three workshops detailing RoZetta’s approach and experiences in migrating on premise platforms to the cloud and what are some of the key considerations. A copy of the framework and approach that Peter discussed can be downloaded from the following link:

Other major themes and takeaways that were more broadly covered at the Summit included the emergence of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications, how voice and facial recognition is now becoming more prevalent in both commercial and consumer use cases and the continued release of new services from AWS. It was also highlighted that Accredited AWS Partners with the appropriate levels of expertise and experience play a vital role in Customers achieving their desired outcomes and transforming their businesses.

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