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With the scarcity of technical and analytic resources, many organizations are looking for on-demand talent to evaluate, develop, and test new products.  In particular, organizations developing data products are looking for low-risk options to meet growth targets in rapidly evolving markets.  There are challenges in keeping up with technology and advances in how data products are architected and made available to users.

Many companies engage product development partners to complement their internal resources to accelerate new product concepts that require validation in the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) phase before investing in a full production version.

Engaging with a high-performance product innovation partner provides speed to market while not materially distracting internal resources from managing and maintaining existing products.

A specialist product development partner delivers more than technical resources; they have links to a network of industry and research experts with experience and knowledge in a wide range of market sectors.

High-performance partnerships provide best-of-breed research, data science, data engineering, infrastructure, and delivery expertise. Close collaboration with a product development partner optimizes the transfer of technical knowledge and intellectual property to internal teams.


High-performance product innovation partner framework

Four reasons to engage a product development partner

1. Product partners bring experience and established processes

Internal development teams are experts at what their company does; the product development partner is an expert in what data science, advanced data management, and technology can deliver. Let external specialists become an extension to the internal team. Applied research adds innovation to the core of product solutions.


The best development partners are experienced in various market sectors, providing a basis for the best product outcomes across different technologies and delivery systems. Developing new products is their core competency.

2. The client can focus on their customers; product partners focus on capability

Product partners assemble an augmented team of specialists. The right talent pools exist with the product partner and their network, reducing a client’s risk and enabling product ideation to production is a fast, efficient, and low-risk process.

Speed to market is possible with optimized ideation, elaboration and development phases.

3. Product partners exploit technological advances

A product development partner’s business fuses the latest technology with other development capabilities like data science and data engineering to streamline delivery and increase product flexibility and functionality. Access a high-performance technology architecture team.

4. Partners succeed when everyone wins

Outsourced product development partners’ desire for success aligns with their clients. The client’s business grows with the partners.

The type of partnership can be either a flexible engagement model or can develop into consistent and sustainable relationships where intellectual property is created for the client.

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