A proven, scalable and high performing SaaS platform you can trust to deliver


In a market driving for differentiation through data, it is logical organisations focus investment and capability in areas that deliver unique IP and opportunity for competitive advantage. To remain agile and innovative in this competitive context whilst avoiding over-investment in technical infrastructure, RoZetta Technology provides a managed SaaS platform that offers high quality, resilient, scalable technology.

DataHex a SaaS platform and managed service

This will deliver a turn-key infrastructure bringing best practice data science and cloud technologies that support organisations by undertaking non-differentiable data management and analysis activity. The solution ensures clients retain control of their data and ownership of insight, innovation, and IP that can come through easy access to data sets, tools and services.


Proven Platform

Proven SaaS platform technology and operational scaled delivery

Technology Flexible


Cloud Provider Flexible

Cloud provider flexible

R&D Experts

Designed and managed by data science, technology and R&D experts

Discover and elaboration

Managed services

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Platform Benefits

Supports fast speed to market differentiating insights

High end SaaS platform enabling organizations to develop unique value and product enhancements through advanced analytical capabilities


Uses intelligent partitioning schema logic to aid fast storage and enable running efficient and ultrafast queries across the data archive

Managed services

Offering includes access to data scientist R&D and Product development capability

Easy adoption

Agnostic and flexible technologies with symbology and mapping tools depending on data resources to reduce adoption and minimize technical risk


Leverages high availability infrastructure backed by a 99.999 % durability and on-demand capacity to provide the lowest infrastructure costs possible

Cost effective and low risk

Pay for what you use with flexible adoption commercial models enable low commercial and technical investment risk

Fault tolerance

Provide a High Availability and Disaster Recovery environment to allow you to operate confidently with failover and business continuity


Auto-Scale In/Out during peak usage and supports multiple data set ingestion

Geographically agnostic

Utilizing cloud technology


Ensure data sovereignty and provide a range of strategies and policies to ensure your infrastructure, applications and data are protected and encrypted at rest and in transit.

Fast and efficient data pipelines

Simple data processing on an auto-scaling infrastructure

Solution enhancement

Ongoing enhancements to platform technology and sector specific features


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