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NDIS - Fraud detection systems


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    • Reference data with invalid or missing link


  • Establish an instance of DataHex in the client’s AWS environment


DataHex platform optimizes storage, searching, querying, and extracting to provide rapid discovery, selection, and extraction within a cloud environment

DataHex enables seamless transformation and delivery into multiple cloud platforms and analytical environments

DataHex is data source agnostic and has ingestion pipelines for data sourced directly from multiple data vendors

File fragments integrated into an immediately useable format

Invalid and corrupt data issues are promptly managed with Data Vendor

Mapping of the Symbology table to internal security identification tables

Publish a data calendar highlighting a list of known issues

Incorporate the calculation of one-minute timebars in the ingestion process

Data is presented in an analytics ready state. Minimized the data wrangling and manual validation of data, reducing overall data management costs

Automatic validating, updating, and maintenance of Security Master

API and GUI to search, schedule and extract data by instrument, portfolio, asset class, or exchange by time and date range

Data can be transformed and delivered into multiple cloud formats on extract


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Senior Delivery Manager

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