Back in 1997, our sister company, SIRCA, had the foresight to understand the exponential growth of data in the digital age. Founded by a group of Australian and New Zealand universities, SIRCA developed a powerful and scalable big data platform. It was overlaid with analytics and software applications to store and analyse vast amounts of global news and financial markets data. The result was remarkable. Solutions to problems that would normally take months to complete could be ready in a matter of minutes. Learn more about SIRCA

RoZetta Technology is born

Building on that pioneering work, SIRCA Technology was founded in 2005 to apply SIRCA's expertise in Big Data across a range of global industries and organisations. In 2015, we changed our name to RoZetta Technology. We named our company after two things most organisations want these days: the insights of the ancient Rosetta Stone, and the velocity and size represented by the newest unit of data - the zettabyte. As the world enters the zettabyte era, we see endless ways for organisations to use the power of knowledge to grow and thrive.