RoZetta provides everything you need to launch your e-commerce channel.

Data owners are adapting their business models to drive a greater share of the revenue from licensing their data for a broad range of use cases, often in new market segments.

To meet the growing demand for financial and non-financial data, data owners need a direct-to-customer e-commerce solution. The DataHex - DataShop platform is designed to increase revenue whilst optimizing the cost of managing and enhancing the data to license.

Delivering the data on-demand in the customers’ preferred format, and to their preferred technology platform minimizes their data wrangling and the cost of data ownership.

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Deliver more with your data:

  • Incremental revenue
  • New channel to market
  • New customer segments
  • Speed to market
  • Build your direct brand
  • Pathway to new products

Streamline customer experience:

  • Intuitive search
  • Sample data
  • Delivered to client application
  • Flexible data format
  • Schedule automated updates

RoZetta brings:

  • Fast path to market
  • Over 20 years experience managing complex data
  • Streamlined data loading and integration processes
  • Data normalising and enhancement service
  • Rapid feature development
  • Product development support
  • Fully managed service

E-Commerce solution

RoZetta’s DataHex - DataShop platform loads your data seamlessly, streamlining your customers’ experience, and creating opportunities to cross-sell and upsell directly to the customer. Manage your product, pricing, and bundling workflows with ease.

The load process includes RoZetta enhancing the data assets by ensuring consistent normalization rules and resolving data quality issues.

The DataHex - DataShop includes flexible permissioning functionality and usage reporting for future cross-selling and upselling purposes.

The DataHex - DataShop UI is configured and branded to your requirements with the flexibility to expand your data offer by adding 3rd party data assets and data enhancement services.

Our single platform solution makes it easy for you to organize your data, license, and deliver the data anywhere, anytime.

Access detailed reporting across your data and customer journey. This will create opportunities to expand your offering by developing new products to maximize value from your data.

We partner with your business to provide ongoing support every step of the way.

Easy onboarding and configuration

  • Access to data enhancement services
  • Configurable extraction and delivery options
  • Extensive e-commerce integrations with multiple payment options
  • 3rd Party Data vendor management
  • Subscription / Entitlement / Quota management
  • Detailed reporting across data and customer journey
  • 24/7 support
  • Product development flexibility to build new derived data offerings unrivaled data delivery experience

For Data Subscribers

  • Intuitive experience - Easy to use, find, evaluate and license data products
  • Flexible delivery to multiple locations/formats
  • Reduce data wrangling, access to symbology security master, saving time and effort
  • Subscription and transactional purchases supported
  • Flexible payment choices – credit card to invoicing
  • Sample datasets available
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Responsive UI – desktop, mobile, tablet



Contact us to monetize your data and expand your product offering to grow your e-Commerce revenues. Learn more about DataShop on our product page.

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