Global banking and financial markets process hundreds of millions of transactions on a daily basis, each adding to the industry’s immense and growing ocean of data. For consumers of global market data, the challenge has always been around ingesting, conforming, managing, and presenting the enormous data volumes and complexity associated with more than 300 exchanges that operate in the global market. This equates to hundreds of millions of trades that happen every day. The consumers of this data need to run some of their processes across years of data. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, RoZetta Technology hosts more than 15 years of this data, which equates to multiple petabytes.

RoZetta’s mission is to address the analytical data requirements of their clients through hosted big data and analytical solutions. “We are witnessing a greater demand for real time data for analytic purposes, not just trading and hence we can see a growing demand for more cloud hosted analytical environments with the associated analytic tool sets,” says Peter Spicer, CTO, RoZetta. RoZetta is primarily focusing on capital markets with service delivery to support back office functions such as back testing of trading algorithms, compliance, market surveillance and academic research. For these reasons, RoZetta is currently migrating their core platform to Hadoop and re-architecting their ingestion and front-end tools to cater for streaming and batch workloads. For the past 18 months all development has utilized Amazon Web Services for its new solutions and offerings. This provides an agile platform on which to develop and rapidly deploy new products and services. “Over the last few months, we have also started to leverage server-less architectures to improve the scalability, improve time to market and reduce the operational costs of our solutions,” remarks Spicer. The firm’s solutions are designed specifically for particular use cases. This can range from a straightforward interface to select, subset, and download a dataset to a CSV file to very sophisticated user interfaces, which present data in highly engaging interactive and graphical formats.

RoZetta also has a unique solution offering in their Tick History platform which stores more than 15 years of historical trade data covering more than 300 global exchanges. RoZetta Technology developed this solution for Thomson Reuters who markets the system as a core component of their professional platform for 450 global investment banks, hedge funds and market regulators. The Thomson Reuters Tick History system processes 10 billion transactions per day and approximately 200,000 transactions per second at the US market opening. The firm has built a strong reputation and expertise for developing and operating big data solutions that underpin critical client business processes. These solutions have been developed and operated well before the term “big data” was coined.

Looking at the road ahead, the firm is continuing to develop and operate bespoke big data solutions to meet demanding high performance and critical systems underpinning an industry that generate trillions of dollars annually across global capital markets. They also see significant opportunity to expand offerings into other business domains and the Internet of Things.

CIO Review July  2016 

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