Ensuring organisations have cost-effective and easy access to the burgeoning amount of data needed to support their analytic, trading, risk management and compliance activity, is where RoZetta Technology excels. Drawing on 20 years serving Tick Data to Capital Market users, the 5th generation DataHex Tick Data Management SaaS Platform ensures data is easy to find, select and is analysis ready. As organisations modernize their data infrastructure, the DataHex Platform provides a proven cloud-based solution, as a managed service, to support organisations transition to a modern technology environment.

“Many congratulations to RoZetta Technology for winning Best Tick Data Management Platform in our prestigious TradingTech Insight Awards USA 2021. It’s a real vote of confidence from across our readership of 30,000 senior technology officers and trading technology specialists, who selected RoZetta Technology as the clear winner in a very competitive field.”

Andrew Delaney

President & Chief Content Officer of A-Team Group. Host of the TradingTech Insight Awards


The cloud based DataHex Tick Data Management SaaS Platform deploys flexible modern technologies, reducing risk, increasing scalability and enables a shift from fixed to variable costs operation. Drive greater visibility and utility of data across the organisation, reduce data and infrastructure duplication, and seamlessly deliver data into analytic tools and workflow. The DataHex Tick Data Management SaaS Platform empowers users to access specific data and select delivery direct to the user. Reduce time and effort required in data curation, manipulation, and handling, improve speed to signal, building competitive advantage.

“We are pleased to be recognized as a global leader for our tick data management platform solution. It reflects the hard work our team undertake to ensure clients around the world experience simple, fast and easy access to large scale complex data that is analysis ready and cost effective.”  

David Sharp

Managing Director, RoZetta Technology

About RoZetta Technology

RoZetta Technology unlocks the future using unrivalled expertise in data science, cloud technology and managed services operations. Transforming high-volume, high velocity structured and unstructured data into clear insights.

Our 5th generation data management SaaS platform, DataHex, ensures complex data is discoverable, accessible, and traceable. Delivering value to creators, vendors, and consumers.

Our cloud-based award winning DataHex data management SaaS platform comprises unique data ingestion and transformation capabilities, DataShop ecommerce solution, Global Security Master and Analytics offered as a Managed service.

Empower your analytic teams, drive cost down and establish infrastructure scalable to support your future. Contact us today to find out how.