Fuel your business with Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is changing everything. We now have the ability to collate data on a multitude of human and non-human interactions. This opens up unprecedented opportunities to understand our world as never before. And take action from that insight to drive efficiencies, investment opportunities, customer management and risk management. But here lies the challenge. How do you take massive volumes of data and transform it quickly into the right information delivered at the right time to make short and long term decisions?

We tame Big Data

RoZetta's Big Data capabilities reach into the cloud to transform high-volume, high-velocity data into clear answers and solutions. We work with our clients to identify opportunities to harness and monetise data sets through the design, build and operation of cloud based analytic solutions. Those solutions may require us to develop bespoke, innovative visualisations and front ends, or plug in commercial analytic tools such as a Tableau, Matlab or R Studio. Different situations require different approaches, and we work with our clients to define the right approach.


The Internet of Things (IOT)

Ubiquitous, low powered and low cost sensors provide enormous prospects for the Internet of Things (IOT). Many areas of commerce and society will be impacted over the next few years by IOT, such as manufacturing, mining, transport, agriculture, health and smart cities. Major transformation in new products and services, process optimisation and cost reduction are all possible. Implementing IOT based solutions will present a number of challenges. That’s due to the speed of evolution, and in some cases, immaturity of the technology to create, deploy and manage these systems. Areas such as network protocols, device management, security and data management are all evolving at different stages. RoZetta can work with you to design and adapt an appropriate and scalable solution.

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