Big cloud, big data, big challenge

Tackling anything big calls for boldness and strength. Our big data platforms take charge of your challenge, reaching into the cloud to transform high-volume, high-velocity data into clear answers and solutions. We make sense of what seems unknowable. We show businesses, governments, communities and technicians what is possible. We take on ‘big’ and tame it. And we use that strength and momentum to build an innovative way forward.

Welcome to the Zettabyte era

We named our company after two things most organisations would like some more of these days: the insights and wisdom of the ancient Rosetta Stone, and the pace, velocity and scope represented by the newest unit of data. The zettabyte. A zettabyte is big data personified: a unit equivalent to the contents of about 250 billion DVDs. What it measures is explosive growth in digital data. For RoZetta, it symbolises a whole new era of opportunity for organisations that want to use the power of knowledge to grow.

Big Data Solutions

Making big data work for you

Thinking big picture can be tough when you’re standing in the torrent of big data. But our two hero product solutions, backed up by years of experience and research and a robust engineering capability, are strong, secure and focused to deliver the results you need. They’re named after fierce ancient deities for a reason.

RoZetta Hercules

The hero: strong, adventurous, larger than life

Our cutting edge data technology platform and product that stores, meshes, manages, manipulates and interrogates massive amounts of secure, scalable structured and unstructured data.

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RoZetta Athena

The goddess: of wisdom, strategy, inventions and endeavour

A user-friendly enhanced analysis program that not only meshes, manages, manipulates and secures massive amounts of data but adds an additional analytics and search capability level to provide operational intelligence and information.

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Solutions for your sector

Making your data deliver value

All of our big data solutions are developed with the end user in mind. RoZetta builds specific, customised business solutions for our customers and partners. Organisations can plug in their own analytics or we will design the software.

  • Agribusiness

    Our systems improve the production, processing and distribution of food, providing powerful insights to drive growth, as well as building and protecting critical connections across the ecosystem.

  • Education - Business

    As the leading big data solutions provider for universities and educational institutions in the Asia Pacific, we deliver a cost-efficient, powerful and scalable platform, overlaid with advanced analytic and user-friendly software applications.

  • Energy & Utilities

    We maximise the value of your network, people, processes and infrastructure by extracting data insights that show how to effectively balance supply, demand and usage with costs, compliance and plant design.

  • Financial Services

    Our peerless track record in this sector sees us providing data solutions for leading banks, insurance companies, fund managers and exchanges - reducing costs, improving processes and strengthening compliance.

  • Government

    Tackling massive data challenges is our specialty for all tiers of government, with effective governance, data-based decision-making, smarter health and public safety systems and informed transport planning just some of the outcomes.

  • Healthcare

    Massive datasets combined with continuous industry and regulatory change demands the sort of response we specialise in – delivering valuable new insights into process efficiency, cost reduction, better health outcomes and patient record security.

  • Retail/FMCG

    Our powerful analytic tools deliver deep insights into customer thinking and behaviour, as well as the business intelligence needed to create an agile supply network and superior merchandising.

  • Telco/CSPs

    At the forefront of massive data flows, communication service providers call on our expertise to help them manage the torrent and drive competitive advantage by transforming scalable data into powerful, practical business insights and intelligence.

  • Urban Planning

    Mapping, planning and predicting urban growth areas, creating more sustainable cities and efficient service delivery all demand the sort of multidimensional data and sophisticated analytical tools which we provide.

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Working for RoZetta

Who wouldn’t want to work where the zettabytes roam? We’re growing nearly as fast as big data, and we love the challenge of keeping up, being agile and working as a quick-thinking team of collaborators.

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Come Join Us / Careers

We are hungry for talent. If you love working with peta and can’t wait for zetta, you sound like the software engineer we want. Customer-focused, nimble in the face of high velocity data from many verticals, intent on solving world, government and industry problems with big data, and looking for creative, smart colleagues in a cool workplace? Get in touch. We have the big data job for you.

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