Our Big Data and Analytics platforms are designed to deliver solutions and answers. But most importantly, to transform your organisation by making data and analytics your most strategic asset. Our platforms provide the outstanding level of actionable insight you need to become a truly responsive and customer-led organisation.  With solutions in the marketplace that thousands of businesses use all over the world, we pride ourselves on delivering applications that allow people to take focused action.

RoZetta's Big Data Management platform houses, visualises, meshes and analyses massive data volumes from multiple sources. We access and analyse scalable, secure data that's both structured and unstructured, including geospatial, sensory, temporal and relational data.

RoZetta's Analytics Management platform can deliver actionable insights to help you transform your business whether it’s discovering what your client will want to buy next, what's moving financial markets, or maximising fleets of vehicles. Together, our Big Data and Analytics platforms can scan and manipulate multiple data sources at once, helping you to quickly understand complex scenarios and act on them.


Why partner with us?

To us, Big Data is not new. Since 2005, it's all we've done - for organisations large and small, whether business or government, across multiple industries. From creating the world's largest financial markets historical database, to improving yields for farmers, we've delivered cost-effective and measurable results. We’ve built systems that thousands of people use. With data that changes by the nano second.  And where decisions are made every second of the day across the globe. So we know the importance of getting it right.

If you want to turn large data sets into actionable insights fast and efficiently, then we have the track record. We work with structured and unstructured data, batched or streaming, on premise, on cloud and in mixed environments. We're large enough to invest in the latest methods and technologies, but small enough for our executive team to be intimately involved in your solution. We were also one of the first organisations to use Agile Methodology for fast deployment of highly complex data driven solutions.

Above all, we are pragmatic. We team up with the right partners to suit the project. And while drawing on a wealth of knowledge and innovation through our academic connections, we deliver results focused in the real world.


Why we are different

For us, our priority is delivering programs that add intrinsic value to your organisation quickly and easily. Helping you become agile so that you can pivot around any business challenge you encounter.

Our 15+ years experience in data and analytics has allowed us to fine tune the successful drivers to Big Data projects.

Our value lies in understanding your strategic purpose whether it be revenue optimisation, cost management, risk management or compliance and reporting. For us our job only ends when you realise the benefits and your business is transformed.

By using Rozetta Technology you are working with a team that has a deep culture of innovation, a philosophy of long term partnering and an obsession with positive customer outcomes.



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