• Peter Spicer

    Chief Technology Officer

    I joined RoZetta/SIRCA in January after a long career at a very large global consulting firm. I was looking for a change. Somewhere small, but not too small. A company I can help drive, grow and transform. Somewhere doing innovative, exciting things in analytics, big data and cloud computing and with really smart people.  I lucked out finding RoZetta/SIRCA!

  • Daniel Lau

    Senior Software Engineer

    It’s an awesome place to work – great people, great offices, great team and location. The people really make the difference – it’s fun but at the same time offers lots of challenges. The work is stimulating as you are working in various environments like Amazon Web services, and different flavours of Linux so you’re not just coding in one area.

  • Alexandra Gilley

    Ops Coordinator

    RoZetta/SIRCA has a top notch work environment. Before I started here, I was looking for an opportunity to be challenged, to learn something new and have the capacity to be creative, all of which is fulfilled here. We have a fantastic team who are highly intelligent and innovative, sociable, and willing to assist in any way, shape or form. It is easy to fall in love with the location of the office but it’s also the exciting and challenging components of the job which I absolutely love. 

  • Caterina Arango

    Project Manager

    I love the working environment, collaborating with creative, highly intelligent individuals. So many learnings from the range of projects I have been involved in, providing much professional growth. The sense of collaboration and camaraderie between all the different teams and people is what makes working for RoZetta such an amazing experience.

  • Helen Mihelic

    Head of Delivery Management

    I like working with all the smart people we have – the work is always interesting, always something new. I love the office, people, team, leaders and location – the ability to step outside on the office terrace and soak in the views is great.

  • Andrew Thomson

    Infrastructure Manager

    It’s a very friendly and casual environment and team. The opportunity for innovation is great. The office and location are fantastic, you can’t get better– with interesting and varied work.

  • Benjamin King

    Senior Delivery Manager

    RoZetta/Sirca is a fantastic place to work, it is a collaborative environment with a smart and highly capable team who can think for themselves and work together to deliver results.  We work in an agile environment to deliver solutions for our customer's challenging business problems and have fun as we do so.  To top it off there are great people, offices and culture which make you want to get up and come in to work every day!

  • Andy Fox

    Senior DevOps Engineer

    Big Data and Big Opportunity. RoZetta/SIRCA is powered by talented, richly diverse, multi cultural teams. Software engineers, DevOps and Data Scientists work together. It's a small, well integrated office where everyone's voice is heard and we get to try new things on a daily basis. We have a wealth of opportunity - from working in agile teams innovating across cloud technology, excellent training and not forgetting the Hackathons... and did I mention the Bike racks, towel service and my favourite location in Sydney.

  • Stephany Dobbelstein

    People & Culture

    RoZetta/SIRCA is the ideal fit for me – everyday I learn something new and that is because our people are highly intelligent, creative and motivated. We work together as one team and we question the status quo, which drives the business to create excellent results and changes the world - one petabyte at a time!