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AlphaShapes™ by RoZetta Technology represents a new, dynamic way for analysts to compare the relative value of stocks for any benchmark index. Gone are the days of collating multiple reports, calculating ratios, creating spreadsheets and league tables. Now you can compare data easily, visually and rapidly; with AlphaShapes you’ll make informed decisions so much faster.  

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This image from AlphaShapes is showcasing Apple Inc. just before the release of their revolutionary iPod in September 2001. Apple Inc.'s volume ramped up remarkably indicating that the market took a big bet on the forthcoming technology, ranking it 2nd to Cisco Systems Inc. in the Technology Sector of the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 Index. TTM Revenue was flat at $5B and in the 50-60 percentile, while other Income Statement criteria such as Basic EPS, Operating Margin, Income available to common shareholders and Pretax margin were all ranked in the lower percentile of the sector.

Fast forward to August 2016 and Apple Inc. is the star performer for all these criteria relative to the Technology Sector with TTM revenue of $220B; all these indicators had consistently good year-on-year growth rates from 2002 to 2016 with noticeable spurts each time a new version of the iPod, iPhone or iPad was released. Traded volume for Apple Inc. has always been high since the release of its remarkable technology and can perhaps be interpreted as a good indicator of potential growth and value in that sector.

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“I believe AlphaShapes will add immense value to analysts looking to save time and make data comparison simple, intuitive and visually meaningful. This has appeal not only to mutual fund analysts, but universally to all types of Eikon users.”

Ian Friedman
Chief Data Architect, RoZetta Technology


Harness your own data

The power of AlphaShapes allows you to visualise unique data from different industries; from finance to health to real estate. To see the value and insights AlphaShapes can reveal with your own data, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.


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