Our commitment: mutual respect

We have the utmost respect for our clients and partners. Our aim is to make big data your ally. We work to empower you to find answers, and move forward confidently with the insights and competitive advantage we provide. The obvious outcomes are added value and the answers to enduring problems and questions. The end game is business transformation, accelerated growth momentum and a change for the better in your world, whatever that looks like. RoZetta has grown and evolved working alongside an impressive line-up of local and global clients. We provide our deep data expertise and capabilties to work with every type of client – from SME's to a large corporation, from single entities to global alliances, joint ventures and strategic patnerships. We often work as an extension of our clients’ teams, ensuring we transfer knowledge and systems which will stand our clients in good stead. Privacy and security are paramount at all times: our record speaks for itself. We are trusted by organisations, institutions and governments to deliver big data results which help them run more effectively, efficiently and safely. We tame big data and make it your tool. Our aim is to give our clients and partners the opportunity to use the power of knowledge to grow.

Client Testimonials

Mòrgij Analytics

Graham Andersen, Founder & Chairman, Mòrgij Analytics

" We partnered with the team at RoZetta Technology, as not only have we found them to be the most capable players in the big data market, as well as possessing the number one financial markets data mart, but their people are genuinely nice, highly intelligent, socially minded and great to deal with. Their values are a great fit with ours, their service and big data solutions are excellent and they have unparalleled capabilities with data volumes and velocities. We're very happy with the team at RoZetta Technology and the growth journey they have helped set us on. "


Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters - Dennis Goett, Head of Services Management, Elektron Feeds

" We value our relationship with RoZetta Technology. The RoZetta team are professional, intelligent and business savvy who have provided excellent service to Thomson Reuters over the last 7 years. They understand our unique requirements and respond rapidly to requests, perfectly meeting our needs with the scale, scope and big data solutions that have enabled us to add more client value and grow our business. "


Our strengths

  • Game Changers

    Mastering big data is what we do – game changing insights are what we deliver. Big data contains enormous amounts of data records. These data records can describe, and they can even predict, but in the right hands they can totally transform. Ask the right questions. Apply the right combination of technology and expertise. Make the linkages. Find the meaning in data and you can change the game. Be the first to do it and you also reap the rewards.

  • Agility

    Big data can be cumbersome. RoZetta is nimble. Our strength lies in our capacity to master vast volumes of data at speed and with unfailing reliability. We think fast. We think differently. We listen and we respond to change. You have to be agile to change the world.

  • Results Focused

    We resolve challenging issues that matter, delivering solutions that work. It’s that simple. We are passionate about creating, delivering and deriving economic and social value from our expertise, technological capabilities and solutions. For us, changing the world is not a pipedream, it’s our business and we work relentlessly to ensure that no-one does it better.